Friends - [2x21] - The One with the Bullies

The One with the Bullies [2.21][edit]

[Joey and Rachel are waiting for Phoebe to get back from her father's house]
Joey: [Pulling out a sandwich] Want half of my sandwich?
Rachel: What kind is it?
Joey: Ham and olive spread, no mayo.
Rachel: [Sarcastically] Right, right, 'cause mayo would make it gross.

[a dog is trying to attack them and Joey throws his sandwich at him but he doesn't touch it]
Rachel: Okay, Joey, the dog will lick himself but will not touch your sandwich. What does that tell you?

Joey [To Ross]: Haven't you ever gotten beat up before?
Ross: Yeah.
Joey: I mean, by someone besides Monica.
Ross: No.

Phoebe: Bras! We bought bras! We bought bras.

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