Friends - [3x12] - The One With All The Jealousy

The One with All the Jealousy [3.12][edit]

Joey: Guess who's in an audition for a Broadway musical.
Chandler: I want to say you, but that seems like such an easy answer.
Joey: It is me! It's a musical version of "Tale of Two Cities." So I think I'm gonna sing "New York, New York", and uh, oh, "I Left My Heart in San Francisco."
Ross: Ah, Joey, I don't think you get to pick the cities.
Joey: What?
RossMr. Dickens gets to pick 'em.
Joey: Who?
Chandler: I'll get you the Cliff Notes.
Joey: The what?
Chandler: The abridgment.
Joey: Oh, okay. [To Ross] The what?

Rachel: [After giving a very long kiss to Ross] Well, that'll be a kiss he won't forget for a few hours.
Chandler: Yeah. Or you just turned him on and sent him off to a stripper.
Rachel: [Pauses to think, then runs after Ross] Wait! Ross- I'm jealous! I'm jealous!

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