Friends - [4x23-24] - The One with Ross's Wedding 

The One with Ross's Wedding: Part 1 [4.23][edit]

[Rachel is on a plane to London and talks about her reasons for her journey to a passenger across the aisle while another passenger is trying to sleep next to her]
Rachel[to the passenger across the aisle] So then I realized, all the stuff that I had been doing-proposing to Joshua, lying to Ross about why I couldn't come to the wedding-was all a way of trying to tell him...
Other Passenger[waking up, irritated] OH, OH, OH, OH! I'm sorry, can I interrupt? I just want to say that you are a horrible, horrible person!
Rachel[surprised] Pardon me?
Other Passenger: You say you love this man, and yet you're about to ruin the happiest day of his life! I have to agree with your friend 'Pheebs'! This is a terrible, terrible plan!
Rachel: But he has to know how I feel!
Other Passenger: Why? He loves this Emily person! No good can come of this!
Rachel: I think you're wrong!
Other Passenger[sarcastically] Oh, no! [puts his fist in his mouth and is about to put on his headphones]
Rachel: He doesn't really love her! It's just a rebound thing from me! You'll see.
Other Passenger: Fortunately, I won't. And by the way, it seems to be perfectly clear that you WERE on a break![Rachel gasps]

The One with Ross's Wedding: Part 2 [4.24][edit]

Ross[storming into Chandler's room] I'M GETTING MARRIED TODAY!!! WHOO-HOO!!!
Chandler[covered up in bed] Morning, Ross.
Chandler: Yeah, you are.
Ross[leaving the room] WHOO-HOO!!!
Monica[popping head out from under Chandler's covers] Do you think he knew I was here?

[Emily and Ross are reciting their wedding vows.]
Priest: I, Ross...
Ross: I, Ross...
Priest: ... take thee, Emily...
Ross: ... take thee, Rachel...

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