Friends - [6x05] - The One With Joey's Porsche

The One with Joey's Porsche [6.05][edit]

Chandler: Ross, just for my own peace of mind — you're not married to any more of us, are you?

Judge: Okay, you two are asking the court for an annulment?
Rachel: Yes, your honor, and here are... are forms, all filled out.
Judge: So based on your petition you are seeking an annulment on the grounds that Mr. Geller is mentally unstable.
Ross: Fine, I’m mentally unstable.
Judge: And based on the fact that Mr. Geller is intravenous drug user.
Ross: What?!
Rachel: Uh, yes, heroin and crack.
Ross: Crack isn’t even an intravenous drug!
Rachel: Well, you would know.
Judge: Now it also says here that you lied about your sexual preference before marriage?
Ross: Oh, come on!
Rachel: Ross, please, I found the magazines!
Judge: And finally that you were unable to consummate the marriage. Well, that makes sense since you’re gay and addicted to heroin...

Joey: Why isn't that valet back with my Porsche?
Passer-by: Maybe because you've got the keys?

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