Friends - [6x11] - The One With The Apothecary Table

The One with the Apothecary Table [6.11][edit]

Phoebe[to Ross] You bought your sheets at a flea market? Come on, Ross, you gotta loosen the pursestrings a little!

Rachel: OK, fine! I’ll just tell Phoebe it’s an antique apothecary table, she doesn’t have to know where it came from. Oh, look at this! Little drawers! Oh look, look, it says that it holds... three hundred CDs!
Chandler: Ahhh, just like the apothecary tables of yore.

Monica[to Janine] You know, you're not so quiet yourself, missy!
Chandler[to Janine] And I'm blah? Listen, the only thing more boring than watching modern dance is having to listen to you talk about it! [in a bad Australian accent] "Oh, Chandler, I just lost myself in the movement!"

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