Friends - [6x13] - The One With Rachel's Sister

The One with Rachel's Sister [6.13][edit]

Joey: Altogether, It's $12.75 .
Chandler: This coming from the man who couldn't split our $80 phone bill in half.

[Rachel Introducing her sister to everyone.]
Rachel: That's Joey.
Joey: How you doin ?
Rachel: DON'T !!!!!

Rachel: Honey ! What did you do that bad that make dad cut you off ?
Jill: Okay.. I bought a boat.
Phoebe: You bought a boat ?
Jill: Yeah. It wasn't for me. It was for a friend.
Chandler: Boy ! Did we make friends with wrong sister ?

Phoebe: Seriously, Rachel's not gonna think it's a good idea.
Jill: So who made her Queen of the World ?
Phoebe: I would love that Job .

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