Friends - [6x23] - The One With The Ring

The One with the Ring [6.23][edit]

Rachel: I wish I could get him to open up a little bit, share some feelings.
Phoebe: That's easy! You just have to think of him as a — as a jar of pickles that won't open.
Rachel: So, what are you saying; I should run him under hot water and bang his head against a table?
Phoebe: No, that's what you do when you want to get the truth out of someone.

Monica: I know of two surefire ways to shut a man up. And one of them is sex.
Rachel: What's the other one?
Monica: I don't know. I've never had to use the other one.

Ross: Hey, when we were married, you know what I never got? Uh, sex.
Rachel: Uh, yeah, well, no ring, no sex- big surprise.
Phoebe: Get me a musket and we'll talk.

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