Friends - [7x05] - The One with the Engagement Picture

The One with the Engagement Picture [7.05][edit]

Rachel: Hey, look, look. Phoebe's talking to "Cute Coffeehouse Guy."
Ross: You guys call him Cute Coffeehouse Guy? We call him "Hums While He Pees."
Chandler: Yes, and we call Ross "Lingers in the Bathroom."
Phoebe[walks in] Hey, you guys — "Hums While He Pees" just asked me out!

[Monica and Chandler are looking at photos.]
Monica: Chandler, what is wrong with your face? This picture is supposed to say "Geller and Bing to be married," not "Local woman saves drowning moron." [The photographer laughs.] Hey, don't laugh at him. He's my drowning moron.

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