Friends - [7x12] - The One Where They're Up All Night

The One Where They're Up All Night [7.12][edit]

Phoebe: There it is. Look at that.. Isn't mother of nature amazing?
Chandler: That's a plane..
Phoebe: Well.. Allright.. 1700 bags of peanuts flying that high.. That's pretty amazing too.

Ross: Look at all those stars. Infinite space. Really makes you wonder.
Joey: You know what else makes you wonder? Check out the rack on this chick!

Phoebe[to beeping fire alarm] WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?

Joey: Man.. I'm starving. What was I thinking at dinner ? "Do you want soup or salad?" Both.. Always order both..

Voice from Outside: Phoebe Buffay!
Phoebe: Fire Alarm?

Fireman: We found your firealarm in trash.
Phoebe: It's not mine.
Fireman: Yes, it is.
Phoebe: How do you know ?
Fireman: If you dump a firealarm next time, don't use a blanket that says "Property of Phoebe Buffay, Not Monica."

Joey: Oh my.. How much do you weigh, Ross ?
Ross: I prefer not to answer that, as I'm still carrying a little holiday weight.

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