Friends - [8x21] - The One With The Cooking Class

The One with the Cooking Class [8.21][edit]

Monica: Hey Joey, come taste this.
Joey: What is it?
Monica: Remember that guy that gave me a bad review? Well… [Feeds him a spoonful of what she’s cooking] I’m getting my revenge!
Joey: You cooked him?

Phoebe: Well, the interview…
Chandler: What about it?
Phoebe: Y’know! You don’t make a very good first impression.
Chandler[shocked] What?!
Phoebe: Oh you don’t know.
Chandler: Are you serious?!
Phoebe: Yes, when I first met you, you were like, "Blah, blah, blah." I was like, shhh!
Chandler: What is it that I do?
Phoebe: Well it’s just like you’re trying too hard. Always making jokes, y’know, you just—You come off a little needy.
Chandler[To Rachel] Did you like me when we first met?
Rachel: Chandler, I’m not gonna lie to ya, but I am gonna run away from you. [Gets up and hurries out]

Joey: Well I had a great time! Learned how to bake, ate great food, that’s the first A I’ve gotten since seventh grade, and I didn’t have to sleep with the teacher this time.
Monica: Oh, look! Acting for Beginners! Want to feel good about yourself?
Joey: What the hell!
Monica: Okay.
[They enter]
The Acting Teacher: All right, let’s start with some basics. Can anybody tell me what the difference between frontstage and backstage is?
[No one can and Monica looks at Joey expectantly]
Joey: Yeah, this was a stupid idea. [Exits]

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